Living the Dream as a Mystery Shopper – Part 2

converse-beachLast time we discussed how living the dream as a mystery shopper doesn’t just come naturally.

The working from home, flexible hours, being available to assist others and sipping coffee on the front porch cannot happen without defining your purpose and your plan.

Once you know why you mystery shop, develop your list of companies to work for and understand payments, rotation, and reimbursements that fulfill your purpose – you can create your plan to know where to find jobs quickly.

You will wake up in the morning knowing whether you are looking for work, conducting shops or submitting reports. Your day will have a rhythm and balance.

To achieve a comfortable level of productivity, and to start Living the Dream with mystery shopping, you must also set boundaries and be accountable.

Boundaries and Limits

When you work for someone else, you have set hours. Even if they are insane hours- the 24/7 kind of job, there is an outline of expectation set by someone else.

With your mystery shopping business, you can set the boundaries. Time limits. Job limits. Driving limits.

Limits, despite the definition, provide you the ability to Live the Dream. Your dream.

We can’t tell you where to mystery shop or how to specifically plan your days; each individual has circumstances and obligations like no one else. But to live your dream you need to determine:

  • How many hours you want to spend looking for work each week.
  • Which days you want to be outside your home performing shops. (and allowing for the time when you return to write and submit the shops)
  • Which days or weeks of the month you want to shop.
  • How far you want to drive to conduct a shop.
  • If you want to be a route shopper.
  • If you want to be a video shopper.
  • If you can include mystery shopping in your ‘family’ time.

To determine the correct number of hours, days, geographic limits and any other measurable aspect of shopping, you must go back to your Purpose. Your purpose will help you to determine when and where you operate as a mystery shopper.

With your purpose, plan and boundaries in place – you are ready to work.

Hmmm… but If you decide to take the day off – who will notice?

Only you.


As an independent contractor and mystery shopper you are only accountable when you have committed to an assignment. If you don’t follow through with your commitment, well then, you likely won’t have much more work from that mystery shopping company.

But more importantly, you won’t be Living the Dream.

If you truly, truly, truly want to have a mystery shopping business, then you must be consistent and accountable to your purpose and plan.

Over time, your purpose and plan can and will change. But unless you wake every day knowing why you mystery shop, where and when to look for work, commit to jobs and follow through, you will never have a profitable business.

No one but you will know when you didn’t quite look for work as you should have. No one will know when you overlooked an opportunity a scheduler emailed you about.  And possibly no one might notice when you ‘fib’ a bit on a mystery shop.

But you will know.

And there is no one you should be more accountable to than yourself. After all, while there are other people who may benefit from your Living the Dream, we only Live the Dream when we are honest with ourselves.

Let us know how you set limits and are accountable in your mystery shopping business! Your insight will help others to succeed!



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  1. Cheryl says:

    How do I get started?

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