Stepping Out … Doing What It Takes to Have a Successful Mystery Shopping Business

comfort-zoneHas your mystery shopping business become routine? Are you doing the same shops for the same companies at the same locations?

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
― Albert Einstein

Perhaps it’s time for you to step out beyond what is comfortable for you to earn more money or to have more success as a mystery shopper.

  1. Consider different types of mystery shopping. Whatever type of shop you haven’t done – find a new one to do in the next month. Give one new type of shop a try. If you know the basics of mystery shopping – stretch yourself with a different assignment or shopping for a new company.
  1. Video and route shopping are two venues of shopping that can be very rewarding. There are fewer shoppers willing to do this, so you can fast become a scheduler’s favored shopper when the opportunities are available.
  1. Go to a mystery shopping conference, such as the MSPA-NA’s annual conference. Shoppers who attend a conference report that they make connections that earn them opportunities to shop that more than pay for travel and the fees for the conference.

If you don’t change the way you make yourself available to new opportunities to shop and to learn, nothing in your life will change.

When you make a change to improve your skills or try new opportunities, more opportunities will come your way, schedulers will come to you first, and you will find yourself with more work than you can handle.

Step out – and become the mystery shopper you were meant to become! (Or, if you are a very busy and successful shopper, find ways to do this in other areas of your life).

What steps have you taken to broaden your mystery shopping experience or learning? Please share below.

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2 Responses to Stepping Out … Doing What It Takes to Have a Successful Mystery Shopping Business

  1. Shirley Kossowski says:

    You mention the MSPA-NA Annual Conference, are there any conferences held in other areas or is this the only one available

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