Save Time and Money This Holiday Season with this Mystery Shopping Tool

appsShoppers! We’ve mentioned this before, but right now, as you begin the busy holiday season, the time of year when you need to spend on gifts, decorations and food –  and the time of year you are looking to save money and time wherever you can – we feel it is important to remind you about this very useful mystery shopping tool.

Presto App is a tool powered by our software provider, Sassie, which allows you to find shops where you are shopping!

presto-insta-shopsUsing the app, you will be able to find available shops right where ever you are. Visiting grandma? Open your app and see where you might be able to take her for lunch. Shopping with friends? Check out the app and see if you there is a retail shop where you can ‘earn’ and ‘save’ at the same time.

The Map on the APP

Presto App is easy to use!

For example, see the map below which shows available shops in the Philadelphia area today.


Each pin is a shop open and available for you to conduct.

Some of the shops are Insta-Shops. These are shops or surveys that you self-assign and conduct instantly!

Others are traditional mystery shops where you would need to go to the website of the specific mystery shopping company. If you are already a shopper for them, just apply for the specific shop. If not, sign up to become a shopper with that company.

Saves Time – And Money!

Our best advice is to look at the map before you set out for shopping or traveling. Select the shops you would be interested in completing that day. By pre-planning, you can apply for the shops that need to be assigned by a scheduler. And know which shops you will be eligible for as insta-shops once you reach your destination.

The advantages of using the Presto App are:

  • Locate any SASSIE & Presto shops at your current location or on the go.
  • No looking through emails to see who has which shops where!
  • View the mystery shop’s payment amount, requirements, and survey.
  • Self-assign Presto shops without going through schedulers.
  • Fill out the survey and complete the shop.

Utilizing the Presto App is a great way to offset your travel and gift costs during the holiday season – and all year long too!

Let us know if you are already using the Presto App and how it has helped you increase your income through mystery shopping!

If you liked this article and want more information to help you become a better mystery shopper join the Market Viewpoint community by clicking here.

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