Give a Gift of Fun and Adventure Like No Other


Do you have that hard to buy for person on your list?

How many times have they said to you, “I would love to mystery shop like you do?” And then the conversation drops and they never start, because they are not sure what to do.

Why not surprise them this year with a gift that will keep on giving. Give them  your love and knowledge of mystery shopping with a Mystery Shopping Starter kit!

The Gift of Mystery Shopping

Let’s wrap this up for you in a few simple steps. You can easily put together a neat little package that includes:

  1. A book about mystery shopping. We suggest Ultimate Mystery Shopping – Transforming Your Hobby into a Profitable Home-Based Business.
  2. A digital list of your favorite mystery shopping companies with links to their sites and the types of shops available. (Market Viewpoint being top on the list, of course!)
  3. A membership in MSPA-NA.
  4. Introductions to Facebook and Linked In groups focused on mystery shopping.

The True Value of your Gift

By gifting your friend or relative with the first steps to mystery shopping, you will be giving them:

  1. An opportunity to start their own home based business – with no investment up front.
  2. Ways to do the things they love to do – eat, travel, shop – and earn money or freebies
  3. A fun way to experience new places while providing valuable feedback to the companies

Mystery shops for every kind of personality!

Who would like this unique gift?

  1. The Foodie – fast food, local quick service restaurants, major chains and franchised eateries, big city, fine dining restaurants and even kiosks.
  2. The Traveler – bed and breakfast, chain hotel, specialty hotels, ski resorts and cruise lines.
  3. The Fun Friend – amusement parks, theaters, museums, ski resorts, target ranges, golf courses and more!
  4. The Inquirer – car dealerships, jewelry stores, banks, child care shops. Think of all the industries they can learn about!
  5. The Likes Free Stuff person – any reimbursement shop – retail, food, travel, car repair and others!

Instead of buying another thing your friend or relative will just stash on a shelf, why not give your loved one an opportunity for a new way to fill extra time, make more cash and get out of the same old routine!

Trust that the friend or relative who uses your gift will thank you for years to come!

An Added Bonus for You …

If you refer someone specifically to Market Viewpoint, you receive $10 after they complete their first shop! Just email and let her know the name and email address of the person you are referring! Other mystery shopping companies may do the same. Check their sites.

Everyone gets a gift!

Have you ever given a gift of ‘experiences’? What was it and how was it received?

If you liked this article and want more information to help you become a better mystery shopper join the Market Viewpoint community by clicking here.

Click here if you want to join Market Viewpoint’s team of mystery shoppers.

Do you know someone who would be a good mystery shopper? Please forward this post to them! Thanks!

About Market Viewpoint

Market Viewpoint offers comprehensive mystery shopping services, complete customer service audits, employee and customer surveys, customer focused marketing strategies, and customer service training to help you improve your customer service and outshine your competition.
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