Get Organized – There’s an App for That

appA new year and time to get organized. Bet there’s an app for that.

Yep, there are plenty of apps!

Seems that everything we do these days has a digital component meant to make our life easier and keep us more organized, but sometimes keeping up with all of it is overwhelming.

The key to using apps and other online tools properly is to find the ones that pertain directly to what is important to you. And utilize them to help you with your business and hobbies, not weigh you down.

Are you a health enthusiast? Find the one app that will help you track what it is YOU want to track. If you would rather not write every bite you eat, don’t worry about that component. Just keep track of those steps and activities. Or vice versa.

Love to take pictures? You can store them on your phone or in a multitude of apps that will automatically upload to their site. Then you can use various filters and layouts to organize them or create albums. If your only purpose is to upload to Instagram, then you likely don’t need more than that app to take care of it all. Delete all those others and make room on your phone for apps you will use.

Apps for Your Mystery Shopping Business

As the owner of a mystery shopping business, you need to be organized and keep track of where you were when and what you did. There are apps to help you:

Mystery shopping is only profitable for you when you are organized and efficient with your work and your record keeping!

Since we are only at the beginning of January, check out some of these useful tools to help you move your business to the next – and more profitable – level in 2017.

What are your go to apps and tools to help you stay organized and efficient? Please share below!

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