How to Write a Mystery Shop Report

woman-writerMost mystery shoppers would agree that the best part of mystery shopping is doing the shop. And the worst? Having to write up your report!

There are multiple ways to making this part of your job fun and less labor intensive.

Capture Your Thoughts

When you are finished with your shop, find a spot where you can discreetly write down as many things that you observed as possible.

Having the report form in front of you to use as a guide will make it easier.

But go beyond the direct answers to the questions as you ‘purge’ your mind of all that you just observed. Note the unique part of the staff member’s personality or something different you saw posted on a wall. Add this to your report in the appropriate space.

If you prefer, use an audio recording device to capture all your thoughts about your experience.

By recording your observations on paper or digitally, when you sit down to write, you will have far less ‘remembering’ to do, and you will be able to focus on the writing part.

Answer the Question

For each part of the report form that needs to be filled in, be sure to answer the question that is being asked.

Many times, reports are received where each comment box is filled with a continuation of the dialog from the previous comment box. The shopper just recounts their entire experience, comment box by comment box, paying no attention to what is being requested.

And the questions that are asked are never answered. Then the report is returned to you for additional information.

Eliminate the extra work by reading the report form carefully and responding appropriately. You can add in that extra observation or anecdote – but after you have given the correct answer.

Use the Tools

Spell check in your word processing program, Grammarly, or any other app that will check your writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar should be used before hitting the submit button on your report form.

Delivering a report that has been re-read, edited and checked with the tools available will make it easier for the reviewer at the mystery shopping company. They will be far less likely to be upset about an oversight in observation if they know that you really cared about the job and the product you delivered.

Keep it Interesting

Mystery shopping is interesting and fun. Your reports should be interesting and fun as well. While writing about your mystery shopping experience may not be the favorite part of your assignment, but it is the part that will get you paid! Take care with it and be creative.

Do you have any special tools you use to help you when writing your mystery shop reports? Please share below!

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