Don’t Be Defeated by this Mystery Shopper Downfall

do-it-now-sometimes-later-becomes-neverThere was quite a reaction the story we told about a mystery shopper who completed the shop, but failed to get her report in on time.

Several shoppers shared their hints about how to remember the details. From texting names and timing sequences into their phone, to recording the interactions to remember finer details more easily. Others mentioned how a good mystery shopper would never do half of what Fran that weekend.

A good mystery shopper is human… and we all have bad days, weeks and months.

The Mystery Shopper’s Art of Procrastination & Resistance

One habit many of us easily fall into is procrastination. It is amazing how easy it is to put off what’s important. Some people can do this consistently in all areas of their life. This writer calls it the Dark Playground.

Another buzz word for procrastination in recent years is resistance. Resistance is when the universe seems to be working against you accomplishing what you really want to do. It does exist – but you can overcome it!

As a home-based, mystery shopping business owner, resistance abounds. There are many ways to get side tracked. There are many distractions and ‘bright, shiny objects’ to chase after in our lives. Even those that seem like ‘work’.

Have you ever spent the better part of a morning reading Facebook or forum group comments about mystery shopping? Or printed out your instructions, highlighted the important parts and set your GPS – then realized you can’t get to your shop in time?

It’s related to your work, but you don’t get paid to do it! So how do you overcome resistance and procrastination?

The Key to Resisting Resistance

Setting a routine is crucial. Create a ritual for job hunting, responding and submitting reports. And stick to it!

When you:

  1. Create a daily habit checking email solicits and job boards, you snag the shops you want in the time frame that works best for you.
  2. Respond to questions and inquiries from schedulers and account managers in a timely manager, you are looked upon favorably as a shopper.
  3. Submit your reports on time with all appropriate documentation uploaded, you are done with your assignment and can move on to the next one. Or to having fun!

Mystery shop for a few months and you begin to know the regular shops posted from the mystery shopping companies with whom you signed up.  Make lists of who and where you want to shop. Know the rotations. Understand what is needed.

Just do it!

Resist the urge to spend a lot of time on line looking for shops – be out there working and making money!

What habits have you created to overcome procrastination and resistance?

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6 Responses to Don’t Be Defeated by this Mystery Shopper Downfall

  1. mnleona says:

    Angela- I could not find an email to send to you so this is why I am posting here. Love your messages. I am not trying to be mean but did you realize that you wrote “their” instead of “there” in the article Don’t Be Defeated by this Mystery Shopper Downfall? Loved the words “Just Do It!”.

  2. Dawn says:

    Great topic. It sounds to me like resistance is just shifting blame to an external cause instead of taking responsibility. I think I’ve simply grown out of the procrastination from my school/college days, but it still happens to me when a task seems daunting. I just break it down and attack the pieces. And when other things distract me, I write them on a to do list – some I do later and some I decide are time-wasters and cross them off. Prioritization of tasks is key to success. FYI – the author of the dark playground article has a follow up to that post with a lot of useful insight and tactics.

    • Dawn – thanks for sharing your processes for working through procrastination! Sounds like you have developed a system for yourself that will help you to continue to move forward!

  3. Chris Baley says:

    This post may have drifted off topic some toward the end, but I believe it is worth mentioning again (here and everywhere). Most of my life I have been a big time Procrastinator! I have run into even more Resistance now that my vehicle has been broken down (for almost two years!) Mystery Shopping is great, even though I prefer Merchandising. The most important thing to remember is to set aside funds to keep your vehicle in top condition (as well as to pay your taxes!) In retrospect, I would recommend setting up a separate account for each of these inevitable expenditures way ahead of time. These days I am focusing more on demos since they pay better in a set amount of time without all of the running around. The public transit system is very slow. When I am mobile once again, I can go back to what is the most enjoyable and not have to be concerned about it taking so long to get around town. Stay focused and have fun, too!

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