Perks of Running Your Home-Based Mystery Shopping Business

Mystery Shopping is work, no doubt about it.

But it’s work with a different twist – and a lot of perks!

Many jobs are all work with no play. Mystery shopping is some work with a lot of play. And the ability to be creative, intuitive, disciplined, and a contributor.

Deciding to have a home-based mystery shopping business can be a life changer! Whether it’s full time or part time…

Imagine a job where you can…

  1. Be a different person each day!

One day you are dining in a high-end restaurant and test driving luxury cars.

The next day you are finding your way through a parking garage in a city hospital, acting as an incoming patient.

Hours later you are a mom looking to place your child in a day care center. And for dinner, you act as a patron at a local diner.

Sometimes you are several people in one day!

  1. Work when you want.

Mystery shops can be done practically 24/7. If you are a night owl, you can do website review shops any hour of the day or night.

Have children in school? You can choose to shop when they are in class or do after school and weekend shops that include the whole family!

Going on vacation? You can find shops to do when you are away or not. But your job will still be there when you return.

  1. Work where you want.

With mystery shopping you are not tied to a place, office or building. You can choose where you want to shop. You can travel far from home or just stay in your local area – and be a success either way! Become a dedicated route shopper and your work is your vacation!

  1. Shop in, eat at and have experiences at places you may not otherwise have had the opportunity to visit.

Not everyone has the budget for fine dining restaurants on a regular basis. But mystery shoppers don’t have to worry about the budget! You can enjoy the experience and be reimbursed for your meal!

If you’ve always wanted to go to live theater, experience a rodeo or go an NFL game but couldn’t afford it – there are shops that will get you there for FREE!

  1. Have your own home-based business with little/no overhead.

Mystery shoppers are business owners – without the hassle. You run a service based business for several ‘clients’ (mystery shopping companies). To make the most of your earnings, keep track of mileage and expenses incurred because of having to perform a shop. Set up your ‘office’ or your space in your kitchen to take advantage of tax breaks offered to home-based business owners.

Embrace the Positive

Some days might not be easy and certain reports can be a bear to fill out – but did you ever really have a job where you had no challenges or every day was perfect?

Embrace the positives about mystery shopping. Share them with others. Who else has a job as awesome as this!

Run your mystery shopping like it’s a business – and one you own – because it is!

If you liked this article and want more information to help you become a better mystery shopper join the Market Viewpoint community by clicking here.

Click here if you want to join Market Viewpoint’s team of mystery shoppers.

Do you know someone who would be a good mystery shopper? Please forward this post to them! You’ll be sharing the wealth and spreading happiness! And, after all, isn’t that what we all want?


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