Don’t “Twitter” Away the Validity of Your Mystery Shop

In an age when communicating all we want to say in 140 characters is becoming common – even for the President of the United States – we need to remind you that it’s probably not the way to go for your mystery shops.

We’ve asked you to be factual in your reports. We’ve asked you to be like Lucy and ‘splain what went on during your shop. And we’ve even asked you to stop writing so much!

How much more can we say?

Quite honestly, not a lot.

But, on a regular basis we do like to remind you that real people read the reports you write and submit. And these same real people take your observations, comments and feedback very seriously.

Wear These Shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of the manager who receives a report telling him that his staff member ignored the person waiting at the desk to be checked out.

To validate his facts, the report must be shared with the employee. How valid will the report seem if it has only a short or poorly written explanation, with spelling errors?

The employee would likely try to punch holes in a description that is not filled with plenty of facts and properly written.

Thereby defeating the whole purpose of your shop and the work you put into it.

Your Work and Words Matter

Your mystery shop does make a difference. A difference in the work life of the employees you evaluate, their manager and peers, and the operations of the entire corporation.

Your words matter, too. Action steps are taken based on what you tell our clients you have observed, felt, smelled and heard. Your word is taken as truth.

So, don’t have a tweet in mind when you write your reports. Have valid, full thoughts that will provide proof for what you saw and heard. And that can make a positive difference in the life of those who read them.

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