This One Simple Productivity Hack Could Save You Hours Each Week

In a world barraged with minute by minute news updates, notifications flashing on phones and a sense of non-stop busy-ness in our lives, there are days where it seems nothing gets done.

You thought you were getting work done, but you mindlessly flitted from page to app to social media clicking, commenting and liking … but not really signing on for mystery shops.

Hey – While I Have Your Attention – Please Read This

According to a study conducted by Microsoft in 2015, the average attention span of a human is less than a goldfish. Goldie can focus for 9 seconds, we can only focus for 8.25.

Not a lot of work is getting done in 8.25 seconds.

While we do agree we have a lot more demanding our attention these days, and it’s easy to look away quickly, there are tools that can be used to stay focused and productive – especially when you are looking for mystery shops.

Productivity Booster

Our hack? Consolidate.

Take a couple of hours one day and open Excel on your computer. Begin to type in all the places you look for mystery shopping assignments.

Include individual mystery shopping companies, trade boards, forums, social media pages.

ANYWHERE you find work! List it in the spreadsheet.

In the next columns, put in the links to those pages and the log in information you need to access the page.

If you know the email address of the scheduler, include that in another column too!

The next few columns could name your favorite places to shop for this organization. And, if you aware of it, their rotation schedule.

You might even want to create a column where you number the companies with your favorites as 1, 2, 3, etc. Then sort the page by number so these are at the top.

This effort will take a bit of upfront work – but in the long run will save you hours.

A small sample of what your sheet might look like:

(Another hint – save the links to those pages in your browser in a special folder – then just open that up to when you are ready to work).

The point is to consolidate where you have all your mystery shopping information to be most efficient when searching for work.

Let’s Go!

Now, when you sit down specifically with the task of looking for mystery shopping work – open the spreadsheet before you open anything else on your computer.

Before Anything.

No email. No Facebook.

No checking your investments. No YouTube videos of cats.

Nothing – just start clicking to be productive!

Click on the links to take you to the website, click on job board and scan to see if there is anything you are interested in applying for. Apply and then close the page, make a note in your spreadsheet for job and date, and move on to the next one.

Save the social pages and forums for last. Because on those you may have to read down a feed a bit to find job opportunities.

Stay focused on looking for posts about mystery shopping opportunities. Don’t comment on other posts or get involved in discussions. Those activities should be scheduled for another part of your day.

Finally, open your email.

Hopefully you have a separate email for your mystery shopping correspondence – or at least a designated folder where the scheduler emails land.

Skim through the solicitations for shops. Click and apply where you want. Delete the rest.

And now you can look to see which shops you’ve been assigned to – and make note of that in your spreadsheet and your calendar.


You’ve searched, applied and cleaned up your email. You can choose to do this once a day, twice a week, or whatever works best for you.

Now go on out and shop those assignments you’ve committed too – or start looking at fun videos on line!

What productivity hacks do you use to help you stay focused and organized? Please share below!

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