The Power of Observation While Mystery Shopping

We are a society of observers. More so than ever before!

Social media has provided us with the power to observe the likes and dislikes, opinions, biases of friends, relatives, celebrities, politicians and complete strangers.

On a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

That’s a lot of observation! And a lot to process!

Our observations of what others think, say and write can transform our own thoughts and opinions – or at least force us to ponder why we believe what we believe.

And observation can absolutely change a person’s action or reaction to a situation. And in many instances, there is a justifiable reason why it should.

What is Observation?

For, when you come down to the true meaning of observation, it is an act of noticing. Or watching. Or paying attention.

And those are all good things to be doing – everywhere, all the time.

While we are a society of observers, we do not always notice what we should be noticing because we are too busy watching, reading or listening to someone else.

Action of Observing While Mystery Shopping

When mystery shopping, the action of observing is truly to notice.

Mystery shoppers need to notice:

  • Who is helping them (name, description)
  • How they are assisting them (demeanor, courtesy, knowledge)
  • Time (to greet, to interact, to close a sale)
  • Conditions (store, parking lot, merchandise, food)
  • Sounds and lighting (parking lot and interior)
  • And so much more…

When you are conducting your mystery shop, please be sure to focus on those things you are supposed to be observing and turn off all the other things that distract you from you doing your job.

Just as we expect the people waiting on us or serving us to give us their full attention, when you are on your assignment, you should be giving the person, location and reporting topics the same attention.

Notice, observe, watch, take notes, and listen. Write full explanations of what you saw and heard.

Because your observations can transform the lives, salaries and position of others.

And that, my friend, is pretty darn powerful!

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