The Social Media Time Suck: Make it Profitable for your Mystery Shopping Business

Home-based workers can find themselves easily distracted. You open a social media app like Facebook or Twitter to ‘check in’ to the feeds in your mystery shopping groups. Two hours later you realize you never even clicked on the group.

You followed the blue like button and red hearts. You caught up with your cousin in Arizona. Got angry over the latest political rants. And gave yourself some balance by watching a few heart-warming military family reunions. Now it’s time to make lunch, pick up the kids or go to a meeting.

And you’ve got no new jobs or contacts to show for all the time you just spent clicking around.

Is it worth thinking about social media as an avenue for finding work?

Yes – absolutely!

But only if you are disciplined and focused. And don’t tell me you can’t do that.

You can – when you realize how profitable it will be.

Make Your Social Media Time Work for You

Most of your mystery shopping job opportunities will come to you through emails from the mystery shopping companies, logging in to check job boards, and using apps like Presto.

All mystery shopping opportunities start in those places. You should have a routine for checking the emails and job board with the companies and schedulers you work with most often.

The social media groups, however, are a great resource that shouldn’t take you a ton of time when used correctly. Join groups such as MSPA, IMSC, Mystery Shop Resources, or follow any one of the mystery shopping companies you already work with or would like to work for.

Mystery shopping companies use these groups and their own news feed to post shops that are available – especially any that are hard to fill or coming up against a deadline.

Plan a time each day, or every couple of days, to click on the group, scan down the feed and see if anyone has posted job opportunities. If it’s an open group – SHARE these opportunities with friends and family too! Both the mystery shopping company and your friend will benefit from your simple click of generosity.

Become a Social Media Influencer

Mystery shopping groups also allow you to interact with schedulers and account managers from the companies. Showing your professionalism in responding to requests and interacting online is another way to get noticed by schedulers as a mystery shopper.

Through social media groups, we’ve watched some mystery shoppers become ‘influencers’ in the field. Not only is their advice valued in the online discussions, these people also get offers to talk at mystery shopping conferences.

Another bonus of using social media in your mystery shopping business is the opportunity for a little bit of ‘co-worker’ companionship. You can:

  • Stand around the virtual water cooler with other mystery shoppers.
  • Share experiences, celebrate victories and, yes, vent.
  • Learn a lot – and can give a lot – in an on-line discussion with other shoppers.

Spend 30 minutes of your day focused on mystery shopping groups, pages, and feeds. (Don’t dare look at a cat video!)  You will learn, give and be open to more mystery shopping opportunities. The time spent on social media will turn into greater profits for your business!

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