How to Vacation When You Have a Home-Based Business

Home-based business vacationDo you get a vacation when you have a home-based business?

If you have a home-based mystery shopping business there are likely people in your life who think you are on vacation all year-round. But we know that is not true!

To be a profitable mystery shopper you need to be constantly looking for shops, managing routes and filling out reports. But yes, it does offer you flexibility in your schedule.

It has become easier and more common in the last 20 years to have a home-based business or work from home full or part time. And there are many advantages to having the spare bedroom or the kitchen table be your ‘office’.

But for both at home workers and office workers, vacation time has become a bit of a conundrum with our 24/7 ‘you can reach me’, tech world. When do you ‘turn off’ and truly vacation?

Vacation Trends

According to the U.S. Travel Association, the average American workers tendency not to take all their vacation is finally turning around a bit.

Home-based business vacation

For a while, employees were giving back an average of $604 in work time to their employers in unused benefits. But since 2014, more workers are taking more of their time.

For a home-based mystery shopping business, however, time working = money. There is no one to give back to or take away from except yourself. So how do you take a vacation?

A lot depends on how you approach it. What is your definition of vacation?

Home-Based Business Vacation Options

  1. If knowing you are offsetting expenses is a ‘mental relief’, well then that may be your type of vacation. For this situation, it makes sense to use your mystery shopping skills while on vacation. Make money while you play. Take your family to an amusement or resort area you may not have been able to afford. Have your meals paid for by someone else. The break from worrying about the cost of vacation may be the only break you need.
  2. If you need a complete break, but want to hit the ground running when you return, contact the schedulers at the company you work with most often before you go away. Tell them you will be away from (date) to (date). Let them know you want to shop XYZ Company next month, but are afraid you will not see their solicit. If you have the relationship you should with your scheduler – he or she will likely put you on their list and assign the shop to you.
  3. Take a complete break. Either totally disconnect and do not look at email. Or filter the emails from the mystery shopping companies to go to a special folder (which you can look at when you return). Or when you do browse through your inbox, automatically delete emails from mystery shopping companies. And just enjoy!

Everyone needs a break now and then. It’s good for your health, your work, and your family. But we each have our own definition of relaxation – mental, physical and emotional. Do what is best for you so that you can enjoy your time away from the usual routine!

What is your definition of vacation? Will you work while you are away? Please share below. We all learn from one another!

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