Mystery Shopping Assignments – Having it Your Way!

Just like the vintage Burger King slogan “Have it your way”– we would all like to have everything our way, wouldn’t we?

That applies to a lot of things in life, but in this case, we are talking mystery shopping assignments.

In the ideal world, shoppers would get to pick which businesses to mystery shop, tell schedulers what they want to be paid, and then choose the best day on their calendar to do the shop.

That would really be having it your way!

But … alas …  (since we are going vintage, we’ll use old words too!) it cannot work this way.

How Scheduling Works – And Why

When a solicit is emailed or posted for a shop to be done at a specific place on a Thursday between the hours of 6 and 10 pm for xxx dollars, it isn’t just a random choice. Mystery shopping providers have contracted with clients to perform shops to their specifications. And the shopper pay has been negotiated into the price the client will pay.

Our clients are typically either trying to get a broad overview of their customer experiences during all schedules or are looking to pin point reasons certain activities are or are not taking place during specific hours or days.

The client’s need to acquire accurate information through a mystery shopping assignment is what we are working to fulfill.

And mystery shopping providers must work according to the client’s specifications.

Mystery shoppers are our means to gathering that data. And we do understand that your life is busy and you are looking for fair pay.

Remember, mystery shoppers are never required to take any job. You are an independent contractor. Once you have accepted a job, however, you are obligated to conduct the shop according to the guidelines.

Mystery shopping companies and schedulers do appreciate the shoppers who politely email to say they cannot perform a shop on the required day. And then let us know, should the situation change, they would be available on this date or that.

Or ask if politely if there could be a gas bonus since it is out of their usual range.

What takes focus away from fulfilling our obligation to the client are the shoppers who apply for shops and then tell us why they can’t do it according to the guidelines. And not so politely.

When we say it cannot be changed, it is not appreciated when a shopper ‘yells’ back at how inflexible or ungrateful we are for their services.

We Do it the ‘Their’ Way

We do appreciate the services of those who understand what mystery shopping is about. The shoppers who know how to maximize your time and energy to make the most money. And who get why applying for something you cannot fulfill is a waste of your time … and ours.

We want you to have it your way. And we work with our clients to be as open and flexible as possible. But it cannot always happen our way or your way. It has to be the client’s way.

So, to those of you who understand why we can’t change the day, time, place or pay – thank you. And to those of you who cannot understand – we thank you for not applying for jobs that you know you cannot fulfill because of your schedule.

In case you are too young to remember or if you want to stroll down advertising memory lane – here’s the old Burger King commercial.

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