If it Seems Rotten, It Likely is This

Mystery shopping. It sounds intriguing and fun. Could possibly a lucrative way to save up for something special. Or pay the bills.

Were these your thoughts when you started mystery shopping?

You get caught up in signing up for opportunities. Start clicking here and there when you are emailed about assignments. And then – SMACK – you happened upon the one rotten apple.

And you got scammed.

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Will We See You There?

Join client CEO’s, owners of the leading mystery shopping companies and other mystery shoppers in sunny Orlando, FL June 16-18 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel for Shopperfest.

Shopperfest is a three-day mystery shopping event created to provide mystery shoppers time with the industry insiders to learn what is most important to the mystery shopping providers and their clients, give you a peek into the workings of these organizations, become more familiar with the opportunities that are in the industry, and allow you engage and interact other mystery shoppers.

Sponsored by the largest trade organization in the industry – MSPA-NA, mystery shoppers will participate in sessions to learn about video shopping, merchandising, how to get certified by MSPA and so much more!

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Springing to Your Senses in Mystery Shopping

Isn’t it great to see the bulbs and buds peeping through, hear the songs of the birds, smell the lilacs and early spring flowers, and feel the warmth of the breeze as it passes by?

All those wonderful things to see, hear, smell and feel. Spring is a complete immersion in sensory perception.

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Don’t “Twitter” Away the Validity of Your Mystery Shop

In an age when communicating all we want to say in 140 characters is becoming common – even for the President of the United States – we need to remind you that it’s probably not the way to go for your mystery shops.

We’ve asked you to be factual in your reports. We’ve asked you to be like Lucy and ‘splain what went on during your shop. And we’ve even asked you to stop writing so much!

How much more can we say?

Quite honestly, not a lot.

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Perks of Running Your Home-Based Mystery Shopping Business

Mystery Shopping is work, no doubt about it.

But it’s work with a different twist – and a lot of perks!

Many jobs are all work with no play. Mystery shopping is some work with a lot of play. And the ability to be creative, intuitive, disciplined, and a contributor.

Deciding to have a home-based mystery shopping business can be a life changer! Whether it’s full time or part time…

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Don’t Be Defeated by this Mystery Shopper Downfall

do-it-now-sometimes-later-becomes-neverThere was quite a reaction the story we told about a mystery shopper who completed the shop, but failed to get her report in on time.

Several shoppers shared their hints about how to remember the details. From texting names and timing sequences into their phone, to recording the interactions to remember finer details more easily. Others mentioned how a good mystery shopper would never do half of what Fran that weekend.

A good mystery shopper is human… and we all have bad days, weeks and months.

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Mystery Shopping – Through the Eyes of a Child

child-eyesHave you ever watched a child as they see and experience something new? They look around, up, and below. A child takes in all that they can see, hear and smell in that moment.

Young children have few filters. You know what they are thinking. A child will wrinkle their nose at an unpleasant smell, cover their ears when the noise is too loud, or shout out in delight when they like what they see!

Mystery shoppers can delight – and excel – in being a child again.

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