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Do You Know Someone Who Has an “Empty Nest”? Important Info to Share

Mystery shopping can fill the empty nest beyond just money. New opportunities to learn, travel and connect with loved ones! Continue reading

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How Long Will This Take?

Recently a shopper emailed to suggest to schedulers that they include an estimate of time – to prepare, to perform and to report – on the shop announcements in emails and on job boards. This same concerned mystery shopper also … Continue reading

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Summer Fun – Preparation and Attitude!

We’re edging up on summer vacation! Yahoo! You’ve planned that week down at the shore or up in the mountains. You check in at a hotel or your lakeside cabin, run into town for a quick bite to eat, stock … Continue reading

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Do These 5 Things Before Uploading Your Receipt!

If you are assigned to a retail, dining shop or any type of mystery shop where a purchase must be made, you undoubtedly need to take a picture or scan of your receipt and upload it to the report form … Continue reading

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Be A Resource, Not a Tattletale

A few weeks back we discussed how to wisely choose the right mystery shopping companies to work with, books to read and conferences to attend. There are also many ‘boards’ and ‘groups’ on social media and the web that provide … Continue reading

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How Super Easy is this Shop?

Reading the posts on forums and social media mystery shopping groups, we see a lot of shoppers complaining about the headline or subject lines ‘super easy shop’ or ‘fun shop’. Several people have written to share how they feel deceived, … Continue reading

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Choose Wisely!

Choosing, by definition, is to select from a number of possibilities. A quick internet search reveals most sources agree that the average American makes about 35,000 choices each day. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Simple math calculation – … Continue reading

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